Professional Name-Calling


What’s in a name? ONLY EVERYTHING. In order to get your customer’s attention, clarify distinctly what you offer, and establish notoriety, it’s gonna have to be better than the ideas your team tossed around on Slack. A company name sets the tone for your brand. It should be memorable, informative, and unique. We search extensively for inspiration and adhere to a proven creative process to generate strategic name options.

Cardboard Spaceship
Film Studio
To build a Cardboard Spaceship, you need a top video production studio capable of taking clients wherever their imagination leads. Cardboard Spaceship captures the magic of childlike wonder while honoring the sophistication of storytelling that comes from years of industry experience.
Creator's Platform
What do you name a next-gen idea for funding musicians and content creators by allowing their fans to invest in their projects? Crowdsurfing is a perfect metaphor for the dynamic between artists and their supporters. The Crowdsurf platform allows artists and creators to be both figuratively and financially lifted up by their fans.
Health & Wellness
The name Vitalyc joins vitality and italic because we emphasize vitality is central to our approach. We believe treatment of the part is not possible without treatment of the whole.
Bar & Restaurant
Derived from the idiom ‘the catbird seat’ describing an enviable position, often in terms of having the upper hand or greater advantage in any type of dealing among parties.
For a company focused on connections, communication was key. A switchboard was a good metaphor for how this platform uses blockchain to bring music rights into the modern day.
Financial Education
A playful twist on the word ‘mentor’ focusing the brand on education. The ‘O’ invokes the Spanish word for toro for bull, allowing employees to know the advice they receive is from a confident source.
Living & Housing
Shorthand for ‘the five roads that lead you home’. ‘Penta’ - greek for five, and ‘Via’ - latin for route. PentaVia was looking for a name that spoke about their 5 core values when it came to home building.
Based off the latin root word ‘Levis’ meaning ‘light’ in english, the word ‘levitate’ and ‘elevate’ provided a solid foundation for this private air group. The name evokes the feeling of floating in air.
Hotel Lounge
When you’re standing on the rooftop at one of Dallas’ premiere bars, it’s all Upside. Treat yourself to the perfect drink to match an equally perfect view.
Leather Apron
Private Club
Ben Franklin and a group of 12 tradesmen formed the Leather Apron Club to discuss the finer things in life. Leather Apron exists to continue the tradition of being a place for talented people to exchange extraordinary ideas.
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