A brand refresh that hints at a strong past but playfully ushers in the future.

What existed:

Iconic products and a rich story that wasn’t being expressed.

What was needed:

To clarify and strengthen what the brand means for the modern world.

A distinguished men’s fashion brand, Mizzen+Main redefined the dress shirt and captured the active lifestyle of modern working professionals. Celebrating 10 years in business, we worked with Mizzen+Main to reawaken the brand and get to the heart of what they’re all about.

Balancing a legacy of professional attire with a youthful flair for adventure, we tapped into the spirit of ‘A good day for it’ (“it” meaning anything) to create brand and marketing materials that told their story through a deeper lens.

With carefully selected design elements exhibiting an evolved sense of traditionalism (custom serif logotype and elegant scripts), a whimsical cast of illustrated characters showcasing fun and adventure, a fresh tongue-in-cheek voice, and an enchanting website bringing it all together—we helped refine a persona that stitched ‘a more confident way to live, work, play, and be’ into the very fabric of the brand.



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