Low & Slow

Where there’s smoke, there’s flavor.
Low and Slow set out to change the snack game by making chips that taste like fresh-off-the-pit BBQ. Guided by the belief that the only respectable way to make BBQ anything is to smoke it, Low and Slow infuses real BBQ smoke into their products to create an authentic flavor and aroma that is like no other.

Born in Texas, devoured everywhere. It’s BBQ snacks finally done the right way. A product this original and delicious needed a brand capable of conveying that true quality and character—and leaving Low and Slow’s competition in the dust(ed flavoring).

All smoke, no mirrors. This brand identity is daring and unafraid, rooted in tradition, and impossible to ignore. From art direction to typography, Low and Slow exhibits a deep (and burning) passion for BBQ and the process. This character is lowly-and-slowly infused throughout the brand’s various touchpoints.

We designed packaging as bold as its contents. Detailed photography and design so convincingly portray the taste and intoxicating aroma of BBQ that, despite the vacuum-sealed bag, you’d swear you can smell it. That’s a presence strong enough to grab the attention of consumers and build shelf-awareness. The website also brings the heat with an engaging and responsive design that translates the sensory delights to the screen, showing that these products are crafted for true BBQ lovers. Enjoy the smokeshow:

“Barbecue may not be the road to world peace, but it’s a start.” –Anthony Bourdain

One of the most talented group of designers and brand identity strategists I’ve ever worked with, hands down. They created more value for our small business, Low and Slow Snacks, than I could have possibly imagined. Highly recommend!

- JD


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