Senza Hotel - Napa

Owliver’s Twist on Luxury: Rebranding Senza Hotel to New Heights.
The Challenge:

Senza Hotel stood at the cusp of a new era, seeking to redefine itself while honoring its deep roots in the heart of Napa Valley. The challenge was to capture the essence of its storied past and blend it with a forward-looking sense of luxury and charm. We were tasked with creating a brand identity that whispered sophistication yet shouted individuality, making Senza Hotel a beacon for discerning guests.

The hotel needed to stand out in the competitive landscape of Napa’s hospitality scene without leaning on the clichéd crutches of wine culture. They called for a rebrand that would serve as a a catalyst for curiosity, exploration, and the delight of discovery. Senza Hotel’s metamorphosis had to encapsulate a perfect stay—from the first digital impression to the lingering warmth of a fond farewell.

Our Approach:

Our team stitched together a tapestry of new brand elements, weaving in the warmth of Senza Hotel’s welcome and the wit of its new mascot, Owliver. A fresh logo animation brought a playful sophistication to life, while our detailed design and clever copywriting touchpoints echoed the whispers of the vineyard breeze—inviting, intriguing, and always inspiring.

Our comprehensive redesign of the website provided a seamless, elegant gateway to the guest journey, elevated by photography that captured the hotel’s allure. Social media became our canvas to illustrate the brand’s story, engaging guests with a new, captivating perspective on Napa Valley. In every pixel and prose, we ensured the rebrand of Senza Hotel was not just seen or heard, but felt.


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