Brand launch for a game-changing app moving at the speed of a no-huddle offense.
The Challenge:

As NCAA athletes became the new frontier of affiliate marketing, Influxer emerged as a trusted partner to help navigate the rapidly evolving Name-Image-Likeness (NIL) landscape. Where talent meets opportunity, the Influxer app connects student-athletes to brands for paid collaborations of all shapes and sizes.

A platform designed for student-athletes by former student-athletes, Influxer ensures that all plays stay in-bounds with a robust compliance process. Powerful advocates and educators, this brand is changing the narrative and creating opportunities for the next generation of student-athletes.

Our Approach:

Communicating the function of a game-changing idea for an emerging industry around complex rules for NIL marketing can feel a lot like conditioning. Luckily, our creative team was doing sprints all summer. We ran a full-court press to design a captivating brand and an efficient, elegant app and website that could make it all simple.

Student-athletes are inspiring—they represent the grit and determination to succeed in all of us. We positioned Influxer to clearly and convincingly make the case to all audiences (student-athletes, brands, and academic institutions) that trusted guidance and unprecedented opportunity awaits when you follow our NIL playbook.


Let us elevate you.