Brushing Up Brilliance: Matching artistic elegance on a digital canvas.
The Challenge:

When GARDE approached us, their website was a mismatch for the caliber of products they offered. It lacked the polish and allure that its unique and artistically crafted furnishings deserved.

They needed a digital platform that not only showcased their exquisite collection but also narrated the stories of the talented artists and designers they represent. The challenge was to revitalize their online presence, ensuring it aligned with the sophistication of their brand while driving increased engagement and sales.

Our Approach:

We began by immersing ourselves in the world of GARDE, understanding their core values and the essence of the artisans they champion. Drawing inspiration from their passion for design, we crafted a visually stunning and user-friendly website that exudes the elegance and charm of their offerings.

We aspired to create an online experience as thoughtfully curated as their studio space. By incorporating rich, dynamic content that highlights the talents of their artists, we helped foster an emotional connection with visitors. Through sophisticated design, we elevated GARDE’s digital presence, reinforcing their position as purveyors of exceptional furnishings from around the globe.


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The Nelson - Golf & Sports Club

The Nelson - Golf & Sports Club

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The Nelson - Golf & Sports Club